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Candid Content


Marketing expert and CEO of Brand Yourself Marketing Tami Enfield approached us with the idea of creating an audio brand for her new venture, Candid Content.

Candid Content is a framework that helps thought leaders promote themselves in a positive and authentic way, to increase mental wellbeing. Tami wanted an audio brand that would help her new brand stand out, and reflect her sense of mission and openness.


Working with Tami, we quickly established a palette of sounds that matched her desired mood and energy. We then set about creating an audio logo with a highly memorable melody, and a timeless feel that would serve for many years. Finally we introduced several organic elements including close harmony vocals to create human warmth, and a marching drum to tie in with her podcast ‘The Candid Content Revolution’. 

A range of assets were delivered including a ‘podcast kit’ of sounds.


The Candid Content Revolution and Candid Content as a whole now have a consistent, engaging and memorable audio brand and as Tami says - “I feel proud, I feel confident and…I can’t wait to dance to it!”

Case Studies
Tea With Twiggy Podcast Cover Image
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Tea with Twiggy


Stripped Media approached us to help design a new podcast around 60’s fashion icon, actress and musician Twiggy. Tea with Twiggy features relaxed, warm conversations with celebrities and show business friends over a cup of tea.


We adapted music from Twiggy’s version of the Kinks’ classic ‘Waterloo Sunset’ blending sections of her music with new instrumentation to create a warm and inviting vibe, and a variety of musical stings and transitions.

We also worked with Stripped Media to ensure remote recording quality was optimised, and mixed and mastered all recordings. The result was a relaxed and luxurious sound that put listeners at ease. 


Tea with Twiggy has been featured in national TV and print media and regularly charts in the top 50 Society and Culture shows on Apple Podcasts.

All Things Tudor


USA Today best selling author

Deb Hunter wanted a podcast to serve

her ‘All Things Tudor’ facebook group

members. Through market research

we identified a space that could set ATT

apart from established shows.


Following the success of period fiction TV shows like Elizabeth and Peaky Blinders, we opted for a more radical sound for the show. We created a blended piece, combining madrigal lutes and flutes with rock guitars, drums, stomps and claps. The aim was to subvert expectation, to ‘blow the dust off the history books’, to reflect Deb’s rock and roll attitude, and contrast with more traditional sounding Tudor history shows.


The All Things Tudor podcast is now No2 in the US History chart, and Deb’s membership has skyrocketed from 20k to 50k members in just over 6 months. Guests have included TV luminaries such as Dan Snow and Dan Jones.

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